What Do You Get

Dedicated Crew

A Dietitian, Fitness Trainer, Physiotherapist are assigned Exclusively for you

Design & Tracking

All Crew Members, design a program of Diet & Exercises. Guide and Track Everyday


Dr. Preethi Raj's Consultation Monthly for Super Expert Mentoring

Detox Food

Freshly Cooked Detox Food Door Delivered
For 10 Days

What We Do

3 Months  3E Model


Diet Plan is Tailor-Made Modified & Tracked by Dietition Daily


4 Hours a Week Personal Training at your home or our Clinic


Physiotherapist corrects Posture & Shape Correction weekly

Get in Shape 3 Months

Melishape is designed by expert weight loss dietitian and Fitness consultant Dr Preethi Raj specially designed for the elite in Chennai to lose weight, fat and reduce tummy. Amidst numerous weight loss treatment options available in Chennai, Melishape’s Weight Loss Program stands out for it's simple logic of eat & exercise well. Nothing Else.




Wootu - a very friendly guidance and motivator. The doctor is available at any time for clarification and queries. Framing Customized menu for each and every customer after going through their medical reports is their speciality!

Vishnu Priya Ramesh


I contacted Dr Preeti from wootu nutrition for weight loss post c section delivery. I was overweight by at least 20kg which was impossible for me to reduce with exercise alone wen having two kids.

Sharanya Narayan


I had PCOD and was way over my ideal weight due that. Me and my husband were planning for a baby but the gynaecologist insisted that I lost weight. She also suggested me to meet Dr Preeti in Wootu Nutrition.

Aishwarya Shenoy


I have lost 12 kgs in 2.5 months. I was 102 kgs when I went to Wootu. They analysed me and created a diet pattern exclusively designed for me. They asked me to start the diet and stop my exercises temporarily and trust me

Manish Kumar


Thanks to Wootu team. Thanks to Wootu team. I lost 6 kgs in one month and I am continuing my dieting now as well. Special thanks to Ms. Rathi Priya, the dietitian assigned to me. She was quite motivating and a perfect planner

Sathiya Sriram

See It to Believe It

Why Melishape

   No Pills, No Supplements

   No Machines , No Gimmicks

   Good Nutrition, Good Exercise

   Good Experts, Good Result

In an effort to lose weight, people fall prey to weight loss centers and lose money & time. Best weight loss centers in Chennai offer some machine therapies. Some so called weight loss clinics sell herbal products & supplements. We do neither but we do the right. Expert dieticians design your diet, best personal fitness trainer works with you 4 days a week and the best physios ensures you shape up the right way. This is how celebrities lose weight; by hiring a dedicated exclusive crew. This crew will travel in this weight loss journey for 3 months and you’ll be amused for the rest of your life

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