5 Best ways to lose weight.

1. Start your day with healthy breakfast which is high in protein. Start eating early and end it

  •  Starting early helps in kick starting the metabolism
  • The RMR (The amount of energy you spend by sitting can be increased just by
    taking daily breakfast).
  • If We don’t take food in the morning the body thinks that we are starving and hence
    the body goes in for a fat conservation mode.
  • Not only that… Research says that people who do not take breakfast end up taking
    sugary food and high calorie foods during the course of the day and thus end up
    eating lot of empty calories
  • Skipping breakfast causes apathy and tiredness , resulting in reduced motivation for
    physical activity

2. Cut down on starchy and sugary foods ( Beverages with sugar, Fizz, Juices, Sweets, white
Rice, Biscuits, Sweet Corn)

  •  Sugars stimulate insulin….
  • Insulin is the only hormone in our body that stores fat.
  •  The more we eat sugars and starches the more fat we store
  • High intake of sugar causes leptin resistance. ( Leptin is a satiety hormone). When
    leptin is not working properly the body does not receive “ The feeling of Fullness”
    Signal and thus we end up eating more.
  • Insulin increases hunger leading to eating more than what our body needs
  •  Cutting down sugars from the diet helps in reducing the serum insulin levels. Thus
    cuts down hunger and provides satiety.

3. Include vegetables and legumes for each meal.

  •  Insoluble fibers are plant based carbohydrates
  • They are partially digested by human body
  • Fiber fills up your stomach without adding calories
  • Greens, Beans, Legumes, whole grains are good sources of insoluble fiber

4. Protein Rich Diet

  • Protein helps to reduce the hunger hormone ( Gherline) and also increases the
    hormones( GLP 1, Cholecystokinin) that cease hunger.
  • Protein intake increase the TTF ( Thermogenic effect of food) meaning more calories
    are needed to metabolise protein rich foods ( Protein is a spend thrift nutrient)
    *(Eg: if we give 100 calories, 30 calories are used for metabolising the protein. Only
    70 calories are available for the body.)
  • High protein food reduces the desire to eat late evening Snacks
  • High protein diet promotes weight loss without calorie restriction by keeping the
    body metabolism High
  • Having said all this total protein should not be more than 30% of the total calories.

5. High Fat and Low Carbohydrate diets

  • Uses stored fat thus induces weight loss
  • Inflammation in organs prevents nutrition absorption. Fats reduces these
  • inflammations and toxins
  • Results in a calmer stomach
  • Induces Speedy weight loss
  • Reduces craving

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