How do celebrities lose weight so fast?

How do celebrities lose weight so fast? How to lose weight like actors? How to lose weight in 3
months? Why is it easy to lose weight for actors but not common people?
Author : Ajay Ameer, Founder, Wootu Nutrition

Many people assume that celebrities lose weight quick and fast through artificial means or surgeries
or pills. Reality is that’s not true in most cases. More than us, healthy body is more important for
celebrities because that’s what pays them. So they are more concerned about not tampering the
body with unnecessary surgeries or risky pills than us the commoners. You may wonder then how do
they get good results in a short span but nothing works for us

  •  Two differences between what they do and what we do
  • They don’t Google for means. They hire specialists. Real specialists with experience
    and expertise and not some amateur
  • They don’t cheat. They are serious about the results. A tailor made customised
    weight loss programme is designed for them and they stick to it
  • Know the difference between water loss and fat loss
  • Any googled fad diet plans will help lose first 4 to 5 kgs quickly
  • Many of us feel happy abt the results and leave it at that
  • Its a water loss and not fat loss. Celebs don’t drop the ball here. They go for fat loss
  • Water loss kgs will bounce back in the same speed as we lose it
  • To lose fat is the real weight loss and needs tailor made nutrition and workout designs
  • Understand your body and do a designed workout
  • Exercises are not the same for all. One should understand the body and exercise
    accordingly. A gym trainer or an inexpensive physiotherapist will not be able to bring
    weight loss for every individual. It may or may not work for you
  • Not many know that exercises should be and can be designed based on the stress
    levels of the individual
  • On stressful days, only stress relieving exercises should be recommended else, it will
    lead to muscle loss and low metabolic rate resulting in gaining weight which is the
    reverse of our goal
  • 2 days Cardio and 3 strength training schedule generally given for all in the gym
    won’t work for all. Type of exercise should be chosen depending upon the body
    type, food pattern, sleep-wake up cycle, past and present injuries, stamina, agility,
    body imbalances etc.,
  • Exercising releases a hormone called endorphins. This reduces stress levels and
    helps in melting fat. But this will happen only when exercises are designed to the
    individual’s stress levels and sleep habits. Otherwise will lead to adverse effects
  • If not designed correctly, the body will look at exercising as another stress and will
    lead only to reverse effects and not weight loss
  • A tailor made exercise schedule helps in even distribution of fat leading to a chic and
    glamorous look


  • Dont Eat less; Eat more
  • Everyone knows that eating less will help in weight loss. That’s how Somalians stay
    thin. But is that what we want? We shouldn’t lose health in the process of losing
    weight. Eating less will lead to malnutrition and eventually to numerous health
    hazards in the future and a low quality life in old age.
  • Ironically, Weight loss is also triggered when you eat more. But it depends on what,
    when, how and how much you eat. This needs expertise to understand which food
    you should eat more and which you should eat less
  • Celebs give this responsibility of designing their diet to an expert nutritionist who
    designs every drop of food that goes into the mouth
  • Eating more good food also means you have less space in your tummy for bad food
  • 96% of Indians and 93% of Chennaites have a bad eating habit says a study on
    diabetes prevailing in India
  • Celebs have a good control over their junk food cravings unlike us
  • Persistence
  • Celebs dont lose motivation midway and stay on course because their bread and
    butter lies in the results
  • But in commoners’ case, we lose steam midway due to peer pressure and self
  • Our families, in the name of love and care, ask you to dump the programme
  • Colleagues due to jealousy or ill-information, de-motivate and feed negative energy
  • Celebs have a team consisting of a dietician, physiotherapist, fitness trainer to
    motivate them and to give personal attention
  • This 3 member crew monitors, guides and corrects through out the programme and
    make sure the result goal is reached
  • Melishape gives you exactly this crew and the service; make you stay on track until
    the destination is arrived
  • All the customers of Melishape not only lose weight, but also make a good shaped
  • Uneven weight loss will mean a disproportionate legs, butt, tummy or thighs
  • A shaping programme couples with weight loss, gives you the proportionate shape
    and healthy weight loss

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