Any Weight Loss Center or Melishape Weight Loss Clinic!

Vishnu Priya Ramesh

Wootu - a very friendly guidance and motivator. The doctor is available at any time for clarification and queries. Framing Customized menu for each and every customer after going through their medical reports is their speciality!

Sathiya Sriram

Thanks to Wootu team. I lost 6 kgs in one month and I am continuing my dieting now as well. Special thanks to Ms. Rathi Priya, the dietitian assigned to me. She was quite motivating and a perfect planner of your diet as you wish. Thanks to Dr. Preethi Raj, who explained me the situation and the solution to maintain my health.. Hope for the best results in the upcoming months as well...

Jayashree Gautham

Professional, friendly and result oriented people. Met Dr Preeti Raj for the first consultation at their OMR Clinic 2 months back for weight loss. I have PCOS and hypothyroidism also. I was convinced immediately during her interaction as her knowledge about my medical condition was too good. She explained hypothyroidism and pcod better than my doctor did. The amount of time she spent to make me understand my condition and how my weight loss will help in my pregnancy gave me a lot of confidence and comfort. I was assigned Ms.Geetha as my nutritionist who gave me a good support and I have lost 11 kgs so far. I feel healthy and light. I am very brisk and I can feel the change their diet has done to me.

Sharanya Narayan

I had contacted wootu for weight loss. I had to lose almost 20 kg. Initially I wasn't trusting this high fat diet, thinking it would end up making me gain more weight. As days progressed , I started losing weight and that itself motivated me to continue the plan with sincerity. My personal dietician Ms. Rathi Priya , is a wonderful friend. She has always motivated me n pushed me forward wen I was low. Easily accessible on WhatsApp. I have finished 2 months and lost an unbelievable 10kg. Rathi priya and I travel togethet in this journey . She s happy wen i am happy. Definitel worth the money because it is something u r investing in ur health. It has made me conscious of what I eat. Definitely this will impact the way I bring up my kids too. The plan doesn't force u to eat anything u Don like. That's the best part. So being a paneer fan, I could happily diet with lot of paneer in my diet plan. It's customized based on our blood reports considering our health condition. To put it in simple words, if u r sincere to ir diet plan, by at least 80 percent, u can definitely lose the excess weight.

Abitha Deepak

Wootu has a wonderful system in place. A lot of attention to detail is visible in the system and services provided. Dr.Preeti Raj has a thorough understanding of her speciality, a true expert and an amiable individual. ‌Suganya Balasubramani, Wootu Nutrionist who works with me towards my goals is very approachable and consistent with the follow ups. She is quick to help out and provide clarity as needed. The plans prescribed are practical, nutrient rich and optimally draws on traditional sources. The variety provided helps you stay on track and you can see the effects quite early with better sleep and improved energy levels.

Karthick G

It was a very good experience.. I lost abt 9kg in three months.. I tried a lot of things to reduce my weight but I cudnt get any good results out of it. But after I went to Wootu and they gave a very good confidence and I also strictly followed the dieat plan they gave me. It was a good plan actually .. nothing like starving and all.. I had good healthy food as auggessug by Ms JERLIN from Wootu.. only thing I did was I controlled myself and sticked to the dieat plan.. result was fantastic. I recommend Wootu for ppl who want to reduce their weight and keep them healthy.. thanks to Wootu and my personal dieatian Ms JERLIN for wonderful support any time and guided me well to reduce my weight and also made me energitic and disciplined. Thanks .

Ponni M

Hi all , We are very much satisfied with the service and the responses provided us for all our queries. On practising the food habits which you suggested , I was able to reduce my body weight and still felt energetic and active through out the day. I also thank jerlin for her support..

Sam Naveen

Good, easy to cook and effective meal plans. I really like the service provided and the weekly follow ups.

Kalaiarasi S

I wanted to increase my weight and struggled to do it for past 4 years. Thanks to wootu, which gave me proper food plan and helped me to increase my weight.

Abirami Arul

Wootu Nutrition have made or making significant impact in my health, especially weight loss. The food plan are very effective and good. Nutritionists are very friendly and are providing very good guidance. Thanks so much to the team.Because of them i'm gaining confidence in weight loss and i have already reduced lot .They not only deal with weight loss but for many health conditions. One of my friend child got benefited from them for taking up meals better.I suggest people to go with nutritionist advice on any health concerns which is effective and safe.

Reethu Don

My perception of dietitians completely changed after meeting Dr Preeti in Wootu Nutrition. I was thinking that dietitians will suggest unrealistic foods that will be difficult to cook and ingredients difficult to get. My diet plan was prepared specifically for me and had most of my regular items and my favourite foods. Dr Preeti was very friendly to accommodate my favourites but her only condition was that I should eat as per the combination given by her. I am following her diet plan in a disciplined fashion and am starting to get results. I am sure I will stick to Wootu Nutrition for few more until I reach my weight gain goal.

Sri Komanduri

Very effective plan. Its not a diet its a way of life style change. I feel more conscious of what I am eating and never feel hungry or deprived. With good meal plans energy is abundant with no sluggishness. I highly recommend the plan. Harsha, nutritionist at Wootu along with Dr Preeti are very good and knowledgeable.

Sumathi Kanagaraj

I am a doctor myself, a general surgeon. Wanted to lose weight to feel confident. Though I myself know how to eat properly, wanted to consult a dietitian for expert advise on weight loss. I took a half-yearly package with Wootu. Dr Preeti was well informed and cleared all my apprehensions and spent a good amount of time without any hurry. Was very calm and patient. I am following her diet plan now and I am losing weight very well and would recommend to all. Good job Dr. Preeti. Thank you.